Advantages of having an Account with us

Commercial Account holders enjoy the following benefits:

1. We provide substantial discounts for large, consistent orders.

2. Account holders can submit large orders by email, either as text or as a spreadsheet.

3. Commercial Account users enjoy their own unique login area with a control panel, enabling them to store, view and print their documents as often as they wish.

4. If Commercial Account users so wish we will, as well as uploading their documents, email a spreadsheet to them containing all the salient information they are looking for, at no additional cost.


Discount Levels depend upon the size of the order. Once agreed, the discount level will be automated on your account. If the number of searches differs substantially from that anticipated, your discount will be adjusted up or down. Orders of 100 or more should be submitted by spreadsheet or email.

The discount levels shown below relate to Title Registers and Title Plans. We also provide discounts on other searches. Please contact us for further details.

Example Discount Levels

Discount Level Number of Properties or Titles Searched Total Payable Per Document *
1 20 - 99 £9.95
2 100-499 £8.95
3 Over 500 £4.95

* Example shown for current property Documents of Title, e.g. a Title Register or Title Plan. Prices shown are exclusive of VAT.


Our fees will be automatically billed once your order has been completed.