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All Title Registers contain subsisting entries only, i.e. they are kept up to date with changes in ownership and other matters affecting the Title, and the former entries are removed. Prior ownerships, prior mortgages and redeemed notices are not therefore shown. Prior Title Registers show the removed information, i.e. they show the entries in the Register at a specified date.

What is a Title Register?

A Title Register is a legal document created by the Land Registry when a property is first registered with them. All properties now have to be registered when a registrable event occurs, such as a purchase or mortgage.

The Title Register is divided into 3 main sections. The first section, section A, describes the property by using its address and reference to the Title Plan, which illustrates the location of the property in relation to other properties. Section A also provides details of matters that benefit the property, such as a right of way or right of access.

The second section, section B, provides details of the owners, the price paid for the property and matters that limit the owner's use of the property, e.g. a notice securing a debt.

The third section, section C, provides details of matters that burden the property, such as mortgages, charges and restrictive covenants.

The Title Register and the Title Plan are the two main documents of Title, and together they provide official and irrefutable evidence of ownership.

What is a Prior Title Register?

There is often the need to look back at a Prior Title Register, e.g. where you wish to make a PPI claim and require details of prior mortgages, or where you wish to investigate the history of ownership. Recognising this need the Land Registry have digitised all prior title registers dating back to April 1993, which are available to purchase. (Prior Title Plans are also available, if required).

What does a Prior Title Register look like?

A prior title register is exactly the same as a current one, save that the information contained within it is based on the information subsisting at the date specified. For this reason the application for a Prior Copy will ask for the date upon which you require it (or you can choose the copy immediately prior to the current copy). In order to review the history of ownership, therefore, you may need to apply for several copies, one at a time.

Sample heading of a Prior Title Register

Extract from a Prior Title Register

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Conveyancing Deeds

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