Land Boundaries

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Land Boundaries

Physical Boundaries and Conjectured Boundaries

Land Boundaries may be defined as either a physical boundary or a conjectured boundary. Physical boundaries appear on the ground as walls, fences, hedges, ditches, avenues of trees, streams and the like. Conjectured boundaries are lines drawn on a map to represent the boundary.

Land Registry Boundaries

Land Registry boundaries are actually the demarcation lines outlining the property and superimposed on the OS Map, just inside the marked OS boundary lines. Areas of land shown with such boundaries usually lack precision, as they are often represented on the ground by hedges, ditches, etc.

The documents we provide to you are Land Registry boundary documents, i.e. the Title Register, Title Plans, Conveyancing Deeds and Deed Plans for each adjoining property. If any of the bordering land is Common Land we will also provide you with Common Land ownership and rights documents. We also include a detailed guidebook with actual examples extracted from Land Registry documents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which document shows my property boundaries?

There is no single document that shows property boundaries in a precise way. The Land Registry show them on the title plan, but only in a general way, i.e. not with precision. Although the boundary lines are reasonably accurate, when looking at the boundary in measurements smaller that a metre their accuracy begins to wane.

The only way to obtain more precise information is by examining the registered documents for the properties each side of the boundary. The Boundaries Information Guide that we provide with the search shows you what to look for and where to look for it. Our search provides all the information available.

The documents included are the Title Register and Title Plan for each property, all the Conveyancing Deeds for each property, one of the Leases (if the property is leasehold), all the Deed Plans attached to the Conveyancing Deeds, and an Information Guide containing real life examples. The guide also includes details of the common law presumptions that apply when the documents do not resolve the dispute.

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