Land Ownership Searches

Single Plot of Land

Small plots of land, fields, etc are awkward to search for at the Land Registry because they do not have a property address. They have to be searched for using an on-line map, such as the mapping utility on our search application form.

There are two types of map search on our application form. It is the first of these, the standard map search, that is required for this search. The map utility is below, and can be used to drop a pin on the plot of land to be searched. These details are sent to us with your search application.


Large Areas of Land

Searching for ownership of large areas of land will invariably result in a large number of property titles, most of which will have different owners. Our Advanced Map search utility is invaluable in helping to identify such land, which obviously cannot be identified by property address. It is polygon based, which means that you can actually draw the outline of the area to be searched on the map. Once drawn you will have the option of editing the lines to provide more accuracy, zooming in as required.

We will receive an exact copy of the map and can proceed with the search with no difficulty.


Roads and Alleyways

Ownership of a private road, lane or alleyway is carried out using either our standard map search or else the advanced map search, whichever you find the most convenient. Private roads are not adopted by the local authority and therefore maintenance and upkeep is the responsibility of the owner.

If the road has been adopted then maintenance and upkeep are the responsibility of the local council.


Woodland, Forests and Moorland

Woodlands, forests and moorlands often have several owners, each owning a distinct and separate area of the land. As there is no postal address it is necessary to identify the property using a map, which is best achieved by using the Advanced Map on this applicaton form.

You may choose to select only part of the woodland or you may wish to select it all.

The woodland or moorland may also have minor rights registered such as Profits a Prendre in Gross, i.e. the right to remove something from the land, e.g. wood, peat and wild animals.



Ownership of a riverbank is more complex than with an average parcel of land as there may be a number of registered Fishing Rights in addition to ownership of the land itself. Fishing Rights are minor interests in land known as Profits a Prendre in Gross, i.e. the registered owner of the interest has a right to remove something (in this case fish) from another person's land.

Where there are fishing rights there will be the land owners title, profits a prendre titles (there could be many) and easement land titles. Easement land is land that a right of way has been granted over in order to reach another parcel of land (the riverbank).

The Deed creating a fishing right will normally state the amount and type of fish that can be caught and so the Deed is also provided with this search.


Common Land

Common Land is land that people other than the owner have certain rights upon. It is land that has never been built upon or land that may once have belonged to a Lord of the manor.

This search will provide the ownership details as well as details of the commoners' rights.