Title Plan

The Land Registry Title Plan is one of the two ownership documents, the other being the Title Register. Its function is to outline the extent of the property owned by clearly edging the extent of the land owned in red. This is a quick way to illustrate the extent of the property you own, and it follows Land Registry legislation by showing the general boundary positions with a reasonable level of accuracy. The Title Register and Title Plan together form a complete set of ownership documents.

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Documents Included
  • Property Title Plan
  • Property Title Register
  • Conveyancing Deeds
  • Ownership Searches Information Pack
  • These documents are usually provided within one hour when ordered within office hours

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All Title Plans are in Colour

All Title Plans are provided in colour. Apart from the red edging that shows the general boundaries of the property, there will only be further colouring if parts of the property are affected by easements such as rights of way or rights of access, shared areas such as access roads, or restrictive covenants. The Title Register will state which colours describe which areas.

Neighbouring Properties

Generally, the Title Plan will show the property in relation to other properties so that its position or address can be quickly identified. The smaller the property, the more detail that will be shown of the surrounding area; conversely, the larger the property, the less of the surrounding area that will be shown.

Title Plan Scales

Title Plan scales are provided at the following scales; Urban Areas - 1:1250, Rural Areas - 1:2500, Remote Rural Areas - 1:5000 or 1:10000.