Lost Deeds

The situation often arises where the ownership deeds are lost, mislaid or destroyed by fire. If the property is registered we can obtain copies for you, usually within the hour, so this is not a problem.

The problem arises where the property is unregistered. As most properties in England and Wales are now registered the previous paragraph shows the most likely scenario. Our information guide explains what steps you need to take in the event the property is unregistered. The first step will be to confirm the property is not registered and that there are no claims pending against first registration. These two searches are included in our Lost Ownership Deeds search.

Search Pack Required

Price: £34.90

Documents Included
  • Title Register
  • Title Plan
  • Index Map Search
  • Conveyancing Deeds
  • Ownership Searches Information Pack
  • These documents are usually provided within one hour when ordered within office hours

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