Drainage, Sewerage and Water Report

The main function of this search is to provide a detailed plan of the routes taken by drains, sewers and waterworks near the property.

Two detailed Pipe Location Maps are included, one for the sewers, and one for the water. They show the route of the maps along the public highway but not within the property itself. The maps are centred around the property being searched and are provided at A4 size. In addition there are detailed order summaries relating to the sewers and water pipes. A detailed map key is also provided for sewers and drains, which gives details of the type of sewer and drain, known sewer blockages and collapses, surface water manholes. A further map key is provided for the water record, describing the type of drain, water towers, aqueducts, and water isolation valves.

Search Pack Required

Price: £129.95

Documents Included
  • Drainage, Sewerage and Water Report
  • Property Title Register
  • Property Title Plan
  • Flood Risk Report
  • Neighbourhood Search Information Pack
  • These documents are usually provided within 3-5 days when ordered within office hours

Please note that if your search is for a commercial property this will require an upgrade fee. The amount differs for each water authority. If this is the case we will email to let you know the further fee required, before we commit you to payment.

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