Owners and Tenants in a Shopping Area

Discover the Freehold & Leasehold Owners of a Shopping Street, Mall or Arcade

Public and private organisations have been affected by the lessening of pedestrian trade in some of our most popular shopping streets. Allowing this to continue would be a grave oversight, and many organisations are seeking ways to bring them back into popular use.

To do this they need to know the names and addresses of the owners and tenants of the respective shops and also the many residential and commercial ownershps that will be mixed in. There will be freehold tenures and many leasehold tenures. Leaseholds may be either long or short. Leases of more than 7 years will mostly be registered; leases of 3 years to 7 years will not be registered but may be noted on the register.

This search caters for organisations wishing to obtain the contact details of as many as possible of the owners and tenants in a shopping street.

Charges are per Title and will comprise either a Freehold Title Register, a Leasehold Title Register or a Lease which has not been registered but has been noted on the Register. The first 10 documents are included in the search price and subsequent documents charged at £8.95 each.

Search Pack Required

Price: £89.50

Documents Included
  • Freehold Title Registers
  • Leasehold Title Registers
  • Copy Leases of those noted on the Register
  • Ownership Summary Spreadsheet in XLSX (Microsoft Excel) mailmerge format
  • Ownership Searches Information Pack

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