Property without a known Postal Address

Establishing land ownership is one of the main purposes of the Title Register, the B section of which details the name and address of the owners, the date they purchased it and the price paid for it. The Register is produced by the Land Registry from the Deeds that convey the property to the owner.

The Register contains far more detail than this, of course, and includes details of covenants, easements, tenure, class of title, restrictions, charges, etc. The Title Plan and Burdens are also included with this search.

Because land without a building upon it does not contain a postal address, in order to determine ownership the land must first be identified. The most efficient way to do this is to identify it on a map attached to the order form, so that when we receive the order form we also receive the map attached to it, identifying where the property is located.

Standard Map Tool

Using the standard map, having zoomed in so that the plot of land can be seen, all you need do is drag and drop the pin to it.

Advanced Map Tool

This is generally used for larger or more complex areas of land, and for smaller sections of a multi-owned parcel of land such as an alleyway or private road. With this map you trace around the outline of the area you wish to be searched.


Search Pack Required

Price: £39.95

Documents Included
  • Property Title Register
  • Property Title Plan
  • Burdens
  • Sasine Register Search
  • Ownership Searches Information Pack
  • These documents are usually provided the same day when ordered within office hours

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