Property without a known Postal Address

The Title Register extends the description of the property address by referring to the Title Plan, as these two documents are designed to be read together. You may, therefore, consider it prudent to include the Title Plan with your purchase.

If you are buying this search because you wish to build on the land then you may also wish to include the Conveyancing Deeds, which have detailed descriptions of any covenants, easements or restrictions that may affect your ability to develop.

To locate the land or property you require please enter a postcode or town/city name in the address box () provided in the form. Move the red marker and zoom to the exact location on the map that you would like us to search.

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Price: £29.95

Documents Included
  • Property Title Register
  • Property Title Plan
  • Conveyancing Deeds
  • Land Ownership Information Pack
  • These documents are usually provided the same day when ordered within office hours

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